Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Gender Segregation

I thought this was an interesting shot to show the reality of the extreme gender segregation in Saudi Arabia. This picture shows a popular cafe in the Red Sea Mall, with the single males' section in the lower half of the photo.  The smaller women's/families' area is toward the top of the photo.  You can also clearly see the variety of clothing choices the men and children are wearing, while the women are all wearing black abayas.  The strict gender segregation is something I still haven't gotten used to in the five years I have lived in Saudi Arabia. 


  1. Yes, the women in black just sort of fade into the woodwork.

  2. Men can choose modern or western style attire, but women must wear cloaks to cover themselves (and it seems those cloaks must be black). It makes no sense.


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