Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jeddah Sculpture: Engineer's Tools

Jeddah is the home to many large and unusual sculptures which grace the city's landscape.  Many of these sculptures are being repaired, refurbished, and relocated.  Many of the sculptures were originally placed in the center of large roundabouts - a nice idea at the time, but with the city's phenomenal growth, these traffic circles have proven to be disastrous for traffic flow and safety.  So the roundabouts are all being removed and replaced with overpasses to help with Jeddah's horrible traffic congestion.  This sculpture is still standing in its original spot on a huge roundabout, but I would imagine there are plans in the future to move it.  It is called "Engineer's Tools." 

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  1. Protractors and compasses were a part of my school life. Nice piece, hope they can move it to a safe location.


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