Thursday, March 31, 2022


Ramadan tentatively starts tomorrow (scientifically depending on the moon) and will run through the entire month of April.  Ramadan is the religious observance for Muslims when they are required to fast during the daylight hours of each day for a whole month.  No food or drink can pass through their lips from sun-up to sundown. In fact smoking and sex are also restricted as well.  It is a time for reflection, feeling closer to God/Allah, and assisting with the needs of people not as fortunate.  Many businesses spruce up with banners, lights, and other Ramadan decor.



Wednesday, March 30, 2022


What you see in the first photo is actually a housing garage for a large roll-out prayer rug.  When prayer times come around, the unit is opened, and the prayer rug is rolled out.  It can accommodate quite a few worshippers for prayer.  When the prayers are over, the carpet is simply rolled back up into the storage unit.  

The red prayer rugs shown in the second photo are also used for public prayer times.  These are just left on the sidewalk for worshippers. Sometimes they are rolled up or folded so they don't get so dusty.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


The Cosmos is one of Jeddah's largest public art sculptures. Therefore having to relocate it a few years ago because the large roundabout it was located on was replaced with an overpass proved to be a massive undertaking.  But it was accomplished successfully and it now sits at the same general location next to the new overpass.

 The same thing happened with Jeddah's Bicycle sculpture when the roundabout was replaced with an overpass.  This shot was taken a few blocks away from the intersection so you can get a perspective of how large the sculpture really is.  

Sunday, March 27, 2022

New Styles for Business Signage

Jeddah looks a little different since I returned. Many businesses along main roads have been required to replace their signage by the municipality.  Actually the new requirements for business signs look better and are more uniform.  The signs look more uniform and cleaner than the old style panel signs that are backlit by white fluorescent lights, like the one below on the right.

Saturday, March 26, 2022


Mall window displays wishing a Happy Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner. It is the month when Muslims fast during the day. Each day from sun up until sundown, food and drink cannot be consumed.  The fast is broken when the sun goes down each evening.  This year Ramadan will take place during the whole month of April, beginning on April 1st and ending on the 30th.  


Thursday, March 24, 2022


 A traditional Saudi breakfast is to be shared and savored. It consists of many small servings of a variety of food items such as breads, jams, eggs, olives, cheeses, veggie, fruits, dips, drinks, and sweets. This particular breakfast was shared between a friend and myself and there was plenty left over. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


 Besides the familiar Amazon of online shopping fame, Saudi Arabia is also home to other businesses called Amazon. There is a pet shop chain called Amazon and now there is a 5 riyal store chain called Amazon too.  Well, it's actually 5.75 riyals. Loaded with all kinds of products from food to housewares to cleaning supplies, there are great deals to be made.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Monday, March 21, 2022

I'm Ba-a-ack! And Ramadan is Coming

Red, white and blue Ramadan banners in a supermarket

Ramadan staples, like oatmeal, in supersized displays for stocking up

Ramadan decor dresses up the produce section

I recently returned to Saudi Arabia after spending seven busy months in the US.  I'll be blogging now for a short time and then I'm going to be retiring from blogging. The plan is to spend more time back in the US and just do shorter visits back to Saudi Arabia instead of living here full time. My blogs will still remain online.