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I am an American woman. I met my Saudi Arabian husband when we were both students at the University of Arizona back in the 1970s. After 30 years of living in the USA, my husband desired to move back home. We’ve been in Jeddah now since October of 2007. 
I find my adopted home interesting, fascinating, and colorful. The people are warm and courteous and as interested in me as I am in them; however they highly regard their privacy, so taking photos here can be tricky. I try to take my camera with me every time I step out the door – I don’t want to miss a thing!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Susie,
Our Team is visiting to Jeddah for Business purpose for 6-7 day. I'm Vegetarian & Belongs to India. Can you Pls help me in guiding me for following:

1. Whether Pure Vegetarian Indian food is available in Jeddah. If yes, then what are the options.
2. We are travelling in month of June, so what Clothing you suggest.. I mean T Shirt, Full sleeves shirt or some thing else.
3. Whether it is safe to walk in evening alone or in group.
4. Is use of Credit cards is safe in Jeddah..
5. Whether Electronics Items will be cheaper as compare to India.
6. If we want to see market in Jeddah in evening.. What is the appropriate time..
7. For Shopping, Taxis will be safe or not.

Thanks in advance...
I must say that your blog is very informational.



Susie of Arabia said...

Hello AB - There are Indian vegetarian restaurants in Jeddah. One is called "Sahara" and is located on Khalid Bin Waleed Street (phone 02- 652-7838). "La Cuisine" offers French vegetarian cuisine, is located on Palestine Street, near Jamjoom Centre (phone 02-663-0363). I know that vegetarian dishes are available at many other Indian restaurants.

If you are here on business, I would suggest that you ask your sponsor about what clothing might be appropriate for you to wear for work, but for your leisure, T-shirts are fine. I see many men dressed in the long Pakistani style tunic with matching pants in a variety of beautiful colors.

Men are generally safe wherever they go, but women are advised not to go out alone because they might be harassed by men who cannot seem to control themselves because of the strict segregation of the sexes here. There are safer areas than others in the city too, just like any big city.

Credit cards are accepted in most places and should be safe to use. Many people prefer to use cash here though.

I have no idea about the cost of electronics in India. Compared to the prices for electronics in the US, prices in KSA are comparable but maybe a tad more expensive.

You can go to the markets/souks any time, but before and after the last prayer would probably be the best times. Just remember that you must work around the prayer times for any shopping excursions.

As far as taxis, most are safe - just be sure to get into a taxi that is clearly marked. These would be white cars with the logo on the sides of the car, and the lighted taxi cab signs on top of the vehicle.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Jeddah!

Anonymous said...

Hello Susie,

Thanks for your Reply & guidance. During browsing on Internet, I came across one Veg Restaurant called Royal Plaza, Mualifeen Street, near Indian Embassy School, Al Aziziyyah. Any Idea about it..
I have heard that Scuba diving is very famous there.. Is there any other places or activities which must not be missed out while visiting jeddah..
In june, Is it too hot out there.. Some where it was mentioned that Temperature can go up to 52 deg C.
How are taxi drivers in jeddah, they charge reasonably or we need to bargain with them..
What are the Items which can be purchased from Jeddah, I want take some gifts from Jeddah for my Family..

I'm very grateful for your guidance & Help..



Anonymous said...

I just found this blog and its really amazing. It helps people to rething on their perspective of KSA. You have posted so many amazing photos in a positive light. May Allah bless you.
I have met 2 american women married to saudis at my work place. They enjoy living here.
Take care,

Susie of Arabia said...

Thank you, Maryam. I really appreciate what you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Hafsa said...

Susie thank you so much for writing in detail. I LOVE this blog! It is a beautiful reminiscent of my childhood in Saudi Arabia, I miss this country, culture, food, hospitals, shopping malls and everything :)

Your blog made me feel I am there.
Keep it up!

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Hafsa - I am so happy that you took the time to tell me how much you appreciate my blog. Thank you so much for your comment, and I'm glad the blog made you feel at home again.

Zekra said...

While I was looking for Thai restaurant, I found this blog!
I am very curious and interested in non arab people converting to Islam, may I ask if it's the same with you?
By the way, even I have just took a glance or two into your blog, but I like it very much Seeing what people from other culture thinking about Saudi Arabia!

Thank you and take care!


freedom said...

Nice blog. Found this doing a google earth on photography in Jeddah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,
I wanted to wish you a very happy Eid. Kullu aam antum bekhair.

I'm Faiza. I'm from Jeddah also but currently live in NYC. I am a colleague of Kirk and he directed me to your blog about 4 months ago and I've been following it since then. When I miss home too much, I especially look at the pictures you post :) THX a billion for this blog...it's simply amazing!

Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr is a very special time in Saudi Arabia, make the most of it!

Keep up the spirit, Susie.

John Kuriakose said...

Susie, I chanced upon your blog while just browsing through the web. I am planning to pick up a camera here, Nikon DSLR, the range of shops that sell a decent number of models to chose from seem very rare. I am based out of Dammam. Could you throw some light into the matter and also what kind of adventure sports can I find to do here. Sport or any other activity like desert safari. Found the micro lighting thingy very interesting. Are all the good things restricted to Riyadh and Jeddah. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Susie You're doing a great job. May Allah bless you! (Aameen) I live in Jeddah and I am also doing photography, If you would like to see my photos then please visit on my facebook page. Here is the link: www.facebook.com/one.shot.photography1
Thanks! :)

Eiman said...

hey Susie
i am a 25 year old egyptian who just moved to Jeddah with my husband a couple of months ago and i was just starting to feel home sick and most of all confined and bored. i came across your blog while trying to learn more about the city n i am glad i found it because you do show here in a more postive perspective and it really made me feel a lot better, thanks a million

Jo said...

Hi Susie,

I love your photos, very insightful. Came across your blog whilst searching for sculptures. Could you tell me what the sculpture with the moon inside a large circle is called? I think its beautiful! A picture definitely speaks a thousand words!!

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Jo - I'm not sure which sculpture you are referring to. Send me the link to the post and I'll try to answer you.

Unknown said...

Some really awesome pictures, my daughter is moving to Jeddah in a month to teach at a english girls school, shes so excited. The pictures really helped us really SEE the city as it really is...thank you again.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Kevin - You are most certainly welcome. I hope your daughter has a wonderful adventure here in Jeddah. Have her email me if she has any questions in particular at: susieofarabia@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Susie how do Sand Storm affect lives of those living with Chronic Asthma. I am planning on Moving to Riyadh, with an 8yrs old asthmatic?

Susie of Arabia said...

Many people living in KSA have breathing difficulties - myself included - especially during the sandstorms. Sometimes the storms are so bad that school is even canceled because visibility is greatly diminished and it's dangerous for cars to be out on the road. Quite often I see people wearing surgical masks when the dust storms are really bad. You should be able to get medications for your son's condition in KSA. I would advise seeing a doctor and getting advice before you leave for KSA and knowing what meds he needs.

Memee said...

Had forgotten about your blog til just recently. I am back and forth to Jeddah several times a year. Took my grandkids over for one year and again this past summer. I don't miss the heat but do miss the life and culture! Do you ever participate in any of our women's group activities? Those I miss when back in the US.

Memee said...

Lol, taxis may he safe overall, but don't expect them to be clean or have good drivers! Unlike Dubai where taxis and drivers are good!

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Memee - I have been attending some meetings of women's groups. Transportation problems continue to be my main issue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie - I'm traveling to Jeddah for work in two months. I need to buy an Abaya. I found one I like on Amazon I liked but the description kept saying it was a prayer dress. Below is the link to Amazon for the picture. Is this prayer dress okay for business meetings?


Anonymous said...

Yeah its fine. The black one. That's the color that Saudi Women wear.

Unknown said...

Can i get the pictures of the blog you posted on 28th February 2008.
For my Project research in my College cum School. I'm supposed to do an Investigation regarding A market/Mall/Departmental store etc. I chose Al safa vegetable and fruit souk and i personally visited that place with an aim of scoring better marks with personal investigation and collected information regarding the supply, source and demand in my mobile which was lost due to my negligence. After a lot of effort I collected the data and after losing it I tried to surf the internet for help which I couldn't obtain. I remember some of the points not all and the pictures are gone for good. I'd really appreciate if you provide the pictures to me.
Your help will be really appropriated as the deadline is very near.
You are the only person I'm looking forward for help as I don't have the time to visit that place.

Please Help me.

Ally Prior

Unknown said...

I love the blogs you post.

Unknown said...

This is my dream city where i cud not stay very long, my exwife is from this city.I use to go there to meet her. Ayyaame hilwa, the beautiful days.

Unknown said...

Hello Susie, I love your blog!! Thank you for all your interesting stories! I live in Yanbu and I am from south africa.

Greetings. Belinda Voortman