Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jeddah: Coach in Arabic


Bill said...

Interesting - I see the Arabic is mere phonetic transliteration of the English word; a number of women's fashion shops did the same when I lived there in the 1970s, often with hilarious results.

As "Coach" is probably a euphemism in English in this instance for "posh" or "sophisticated" something like


would probably be more accurate, but when said out loud in Arabic could undoubtedly be rather offensive if mispronounced slightly, in slang terms.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I find it funny to see these kinds of good sold in Saudi Arabia to women who are covered up (I used to have a coach wallet so men do buy these things too). These kinds of goods are meant to be carried by people in public. Just look at the headless manikin and the way she is dressed. The image is of a Western woman in public not a woman wearing a shroud that allows her to be private in the public sphere.

Bill said...

One of the curious cultural phenomena I recall from living in Saudi Arabia was the Saudi women who arrived on board flights in the Kingdom in their usual head-to-toe apparel, but who, about an hour before the flight was due to arrive in London/Paris/Rome etc would disappear to the toilet carrying a travel bag and 10 or so minutes later re-appear clad in the latest, and obviously very expensive, western fashion, still very discreet and elegant, but very different from what they could wear in public at home; the reverse process seemed to take place on flights back to the Kingdom. This mainly seemed to involve younger Saudi couples where probably both had received their further education either in the US or Europe. And of course many of these wealthy young couples could be much more free in their own private lives within palace walls with their personal acquaintances and families, so there is undoubtedly a market for nice clothes and accessories.