Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yellow Whistle Sculpture

Another whimsical sculpture in Jeddah - this time an enormous yellow whistle!  It sits in the middle of a boulevard called Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road.


Dina said...

Your whimsical sculptures never fail to amaze.
Susie, what would you choose to make a public sculpture of?

I'm a human said...

interesting but I never saw this sculpture but I can see the Farsi tower on the background, can you tell me exactly where its located and when is this picture was taken?

Susie of Arabia said...

Unfortunately many of the whimsical sculptures on that street have been removed. From the Big Wave sculpture on Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd and Hera, they were located traveling north from there. I don't know why they were removed or where they went. There are still a few sculptures along that drive, but most are gone now.