Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our World: Unexpected Outfit

Sometimes I am taken aback by the products or store displays in this ultra-conservative and religious country of Saudi Arabia.  From the tank top saying "I like you," to the plaid short shorts, to the strappy gladiator style heels, and all the exposed skin in between, I certainly didn't expect to see something like this in the Forever 21 window display of a popular mall in Jeddah. 

In other shops here, I have seen marijuana graphics on clothing and accessories - in a country where the penalty for drug trafficking is death.


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Jerry Mc Kenna said...

Who in Saudi Arabia buy this? Where do they wear it? (I wouldn't be asking this in the US, it looks like clothes meant for a teenage girl.)

William Kendall said...

Definitely the sort of thing you would never expect in Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

My guess is you buy it and wear it around the house...under something if you go out? Yep,looks like teenager wear. :-)

Gattina said...

I also think women wear it inside and when they go out they put a kaftan and a scarf on ! I have seen this already several times when I stayed in a hotel in Egypt !