Monday, January 4, 2016

Our World: Saudi Arabia - Recruiting Religious Cadets

The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vices (or CPVPV, also known as religious police) is a branch of the Saudi government charged with enforcing morality on its citizens and places of business.  Their various duties include seeing that inappropriate gender mixing is thwarted and making sure that men and women are modestly attired (dress code enforcement).  They can also be seen in malls and business establishments rounding up men to pray when it is prayer time.  There is also a special department which deals with witchcraft. 

This photo was taken at the annual education fair in Riyadh, which attracts universities and other institutions of higher learning from all over the world to try to recruit students for their facilities.  The CPVPV actively recruits young men to join their team in fighting immorality in Saudi Arabia.  You can read more about the religious police by CLICKING HERE. 

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William Kendall said...

Not the sort of thing I can understand, but it's completely outside my cultural experience.

Dina said...

Witchcraft too?! Wow