Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Jeddah Horse Sculpture at Sunset

The recent transformation of Jeddah's Waterfront was a fantastic opportunity for many artists to create works of art for the city.  Rabia Al Akhras was already well known in Jeddah for his rendition of a herd of galloping horses which is located in the island dividing north and south running lanes of Medina Road just south of the Jeddah airport.  The Syrian sculptor, who has spent most of his life living in Jeddah, donated three of his horse sculptures to grace the coastal city's seaside area, which is more popular than ever due to significant upgrades and developments in recent years. 

A big "Thanks" to my friend and amazing photographer Abdullah Yahya for allowing me to share this beautiful sunset photo for today's post.  Stay tuned for more fantastic pics from around Saudi Arabia taken by Abdullah.  Follow him on Twitter @ayaa1977

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