Thursday, December 3, 2020

THE RICE FIELDS of Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit - Abdullah Al Sheikh

Nestled amidst the world's largest oasis of palm trees in the world exists a surprising phenomenon that one would not necessarily expect to find in Saudi Arabia - rice fields!

Photo Credit - Reuters

The red Hasawi rice has been cultivated in the southeastern region of the country in the Al Ahsa area for generations.  

Photo - Reuters

It is the world's most expensive rice and is well suited to the salty soil conditions and warmth of the region, in addition to being drought tolerant.  

Photo - Reuters

The rice gets its red color from the outer hull being left on the grains.  It is high in carbohydrates, fibre, protein and nutritional value, and it is also said to have healing properties.  

Photo - Reuters



At Home In New Zealand said...

You are right - rice growing is not something I would have expected to see there at all.

Marie Smith said...

Fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

Tom said...

...rice is a staple of life around the world.

Sharon said...

Wow, this is totally unexpected. I had no idea.

William Kendall said...

Quite productive.

Stevenson Q said...

Dearest Suzie thank you so much for sharing these! That first photo from the aerial shot is such paradise! I always imagine Arabia with those grand and regal Date palm trees! It's very cool that rice also thrives there in the dessert.