Sunday, March 27, 2022

New Styles for Business Signage

Jeddah looks a little different since I returned. Many businesses along main roads have been required to replace their signage by the municipality.  Actually the new requirements for business signs look better and are more uniform.  The signs look more uniform and cleaner than the old style panel signs that are backlit by white fluorescent lights, like the one below on the right.


Tom said...'s all Greek to me.

Marie Smith said...

That is an expense for businesses for sure.

William Kendall said...

No doubt VIP is still in abundance.

Anonymous in Colorado said...

Welcome Back! You touched on it here & I'm curious (maybe an idea for a blog post), did you get culture shock coming back to the US? If so for how long? Then do you get culture shock again, going back? I think about how much culture shock I've had just moving to different cities/states in the US. Anyway, glad you're back to posting!