Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Gift set - watch, pen, cufflinks, prayer beads

Watch with Hindu numerals, the numbers used in Saudi Arabia.  Surprisingly enough, the numbers invented by the Arabs are used in the USA, and not in Saudi Arabia.

Another gift set in blue



Tom said...

...too fancy for me.

Marie Smith said...

Love that blue set. Interesting about the numbers. I learn a lot from you! Thank you!

Michelle said...

That is a beautiful shade of blue. Interesting about the numbers!

William Kendall said...

I'm surprised about the numerals not being used.

Maggid said...

Gorgeous Gift Sets . . .

You surprised me with the numbers . . . I'm sure glad you let me know I hadn't gone bonkers.
My first thought was . . 'BUT - the numbers are theirs. . . '

Those are lovely numerals . . . (Thank you for telling me they are Hindi . . golly, i have a lot to learn . . . ) now, I think - learning the actual reason for alternate numbers, might make me sad.


Still - it is all so elegant. Thank you So Much - for posting - and, for teaching me so much.