Friday, April 29, 2022


Tiny shop with Ramadan lanterns and banner

Ramadan banner under colorful fish shop sign

Walking by, dressed in white



Marie Smith said...

The last photo looks like a warehouse area…

Maggid said...

Okay, okay - I enlisted the aid of a local, award winning chocolate shop. REALLY, they make candy right there in the shop. Anyway, I called first to ask if they already had anything for Eid. They told me I was the first ever to ask - but, if i could explain - they would give it a go . . . Today i visited - we picked out lots of terrific stuff - (yes, i was careful about what not to choose . . 🙂) - and a young lady wrapped it - so it looks like a festival. I'll leave it for my friends to find Monday - (I generally go in super early to get my work done) - Thank you for inspiring me - and - you don't need to post this . . . I just wanted to Thank You!
love & love,

William Kendall said...

Very colourful.