Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Selling watermelons from under the umbrella

Small fresh produce market

Hotel worker taking a break



Tom said... looks slow at the market.

Marie Smith said...

I always wonder what the temperature is there.

Maggid said...

You can tell i haven't been a world traveler . . . (sigh) - These merchants are working, i know - BUT, to me it looks like a fantastic street fair . . .

Except - Look at that reflective hotel facade! Triple wow!
I was entertainment director for a hotel chain . . (a long time ago) - and, i remember when reflective buildings were - a "really big deal!"
This looks beautiful.

So, the worker taking a break - what would he be doing? (Certainly not 'lighting up' I don't think tobacco is acceptable . . . is it? - That's what I used to see workers in the US do during break time . . . ) yes, I'm always full of questions. and - I'm always grateful for the world you share. 💙

William Kendall said...

The blanket is a good idea for providing some shelter in the heat.