Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Modesty

Fulla dolls are modestly dressed fashion dolls and are very popular with young Saudi girls.  Many Fulla dolls are sold wearing the traditional Saudi black outer cloak that women wear called abayas. 
Sold on the shelf right next to the Fulla dolls were the above rather immodestly dressed dolls.  The doll on the right has her chest exposed because her top is not pulled up where it should be. 


  1. I would be curious have you ever watched Arab girls play with dolls? Do they play differently with a Fulla type doll compared to a Western fashion doll?

    1. A good question, Jerry. I have older nieces in KSA, beyond the doll phase, so I really haven't observed how young girls play with dolls here. Anyone?

  2. hmm refreshing we sexualise them when they are young.

  3. The doll exposing her breast is a cheap knick knack horrible rip off.. of Barbie dolls.. Barbie dolls r way prettier than these fulla dolls... so what if Barbie exposes her hair and has accessories at least she can do more stuff in her life... and be free and have a reason to live..and can get any job she wants.. where as fulla can only be a teacher

  4. As an Arab when I was young I used to play with my doll as the same way as my girls(were born and raise in USA) just sometimes I put extra black fabric on top of their clothes when I pretended that we are leaving the house.


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