Friday, December 14, 2012

SkyWatch: Building Up

This is a familiar sight regarding adding on to buildings here in Jeddah.  Oftentimes buildings are built with just one or two floors as that might be all that the owner can afford at the time.  Later on down the road when he can afford to add on more floors, construction continues upward. 

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Dina said...

Are these enlarged houses all for the same family, like, multi-generational then?

I can remember earlier times here when it was common to see houses with rebar sticking out of the roof in anticipation of some future add-on.

Unknown said...

Very cool... I have never heard of building up... I look forward to seeing more from your corner of the world!

Mrs Bubu said...

But wouldn't it be more susceptible to collapsing since its foundation was drilled only to its former height. Think laws of physics. If you built up and the foundation's not strong enough, it will collapse. Especially if (touchwood) a tornado comes by.