Monday, January 14, 2013

Typical Saudi Teacup Set

Saudis are very gracious hosts and delight in serving drinks and sweets to house guests.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Saudi Arabia, so drinks served range from the largest variety of fruit juices one could imagine to tea or gahwa (Arabic coffee).  Hot drinks would be served in tiny glasses like shown here.  This teacup set cost 302 SR, or about $ 80 US. 


Dina said...

Susie, I wish we could sit and have a cuppa together.
Years ago in Arabic class we learned that Bedouins wish their guests "Gahwa daiman" as they drink, meaning may we always drink coffee together. Have you heard of this custom? Is it true?

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Dina - I have not heard this phrase and my husband hasn't either, but maybe it is said in other parts of KSA or other ME countries. It's a nice thought though!

The Guy said...

Lovely set. It reminds me of shopping around the souks in Riyadh when I was there over a decade ago.