Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jeddah Sculpture: Cross-Section of the Heart

Jeddah's mayor during the 1970s and 1980s was Mohamed Said Farsi.  It was his vision to adorn the city with public art on an unprecedented scale for this region of the world in an effort known as the Jeddah Beautification Project.  Famous world-renowned artists were commissioned to create sculptures for the municipality, paid for not with government funds but with generous private donations and corporate sponsorships.  During his reign as Jeddah's mayor, Farsi underwent heart surgery.  As a result he commissioned several heart-related pieces.  "Cross-Section of the Heart" was one of those pieces.

Until this past year, this particular work was credited to  Aref el Rayess and an unknown Belgian artist.  Thanks to one of my previous postings, I was contacted by the family of the unknown Belgian artist.  He is now being credited with creating this sculpture and several other of Jeddah's sculptures.  For the detailed scoop about this solved mystery, please click HERE. 

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