Monday, March 4, 2013

Aseil Restaurant

An interior shot of a new restaurant in town called Aseil, serving traditional Saudi food.  I went with a large culinary group shortly after it opened, and I guess they hadn't worked all the kinks out yet.  Unfortunately I was more impressed with the decor than the food and service. 


Dina said...

Wow, you're not kidding, the decor is highly unusual (and high!).
Aseil? That's not the word for honey, is it?
Here everyone knows the Arab proverb "Yom asal, yom basal." One day is honey, one day onions.

Wishing you a day of honey, Susie.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

Many new restaurants have a learning curve, so I would give it a try after they have time to get the kinks out.

Pearl said...

It takes a while to work out all the details. A room that is comfortable and with good service but forget about quality food.