Friday, June 21, 2013

SkyWatch: Jeddah's Yellow Mosque

This is a newer mosque in the city of Jeddah.  It is painted a bright yellow, which is rather unusual - but it makes it easy to identify and spot!

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Jerry M said...

Having never been inside a mosque, I have assumed they are like churches with a big central hall. This one looks more like an office building and if there is a central hall, it is probably not too big.

Soumaya said...

Mosques or Masjids are quite different to Churches in that they have no statues nor animal and human pictures. You should visit on, Muslims are generally very welcoming.

Susie of Arabia said...

Many mosques are actually built by wealthy businessmen who can afford to erect them. The upper floors of this building might be a school, apartments or offices, the rent of which might offset the cost to the owner. The mosques I have been in have a large open prayer area (for men) and if there is a women's prayer area, it is smaller.