Sunday, February 23, 2014

Riyadh: Janadriyah Boys

The annual cultural festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is called Janadriyah.  There are many exhibitions and activities which highlight life in Saudi Arabia, such as native crafts, male ceremonial dances, food, poetry, games, costumes, camel racing, and other entertainment.

These handsome young men are wearing typical winter wear for boys and men in the country, consisting of a dark thobe and the red and white headdress.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please visit BLUE ABAYA'S Guide to the Janadriyah Festival 2014 (where you will also find a photo of me at this year's festival!), and her post from last year called The Top Ten Things to do at the Janadriyah Festival.


RedPat said...

They are a pair of cuties! That is you in the mask?

Dina said...

So cute. Little men.
Wish I could come to the festival.
That's quite a picture of you in the headdress!