Saturday, November 1, 2014

CDP Theme Day: Jeddah Landmark

Jeddah is a city of landmarks - in the form of the many amazing sculptures that dot its landscape.  It is a very narrow city that runs north and south along the Red Sea coastline.  In general, Saudi Arabia does not use street addresses.  Most people cannot even recite their own home address and many don't even know the name of the street they live on.  Directions are given by using major street names and landmarks or businesses.

Getting lost in Jeddah is a very common occurrence.  The streets are also designed to make it as difficult as possible to get from Point A to Point B, with roads, entrances, and exits frequently closed off,  Vehicles must often go miles and miles out of their way simply because it is impossible to turn left or to turn around.  It creates even worse traffic congestion than normal because it takes so much longer to get places than it should.

To see a close-up photo and learn more about this sculpture called "Builder's Plumbline," CLICK HERE.  To see more of the fantastic sculptures of Jeddah, CLICK HERE.

Today is the first of the month, which means it's theme day for City Daily Photo bloggers.  City Daily Photo is an online community of photo bloggers from around the world, sharing the wonders of their area of the world pictorially with others.  Each month there is a different theme that CDP members can participate in.  This month's theme is "Movement." 

Please visit the City Daily Photo portal to view other participants' entries for today's theme day of "Landmark."  


William Kendall said...

That sounds like a good way to develop a headache quickly! I like the sculpture, and the setting.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi William - You have no idea! GPS has helped quite a bit, but with all the blocked roads, Jeddah seems to be the most difficult city to get around in that I have ever seen.

Mersad said...

A stunning image. The beachfront is beautiful, and the landmark of course too. Visiting you from City Daily Photo today.

Mersad Donko Photography

Dina said...

Susie, I love the way you describe the situation.
Ah yes, now I see the plumb-bobs hanging in the sculpture! Cool!

Susie of Arabia said...

Thank you, Mersad. This is the view from a friend's apartment on the 10th floor.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Dina! Hope you are well! Thanks for your comment.

Judy said...

this is such a nice picture!

Unknown said...

How does one receive mail if addresses are not used?