Friday, November 28, 2014

SkyWatch: Island Mosque on Red Sea

There are several mosques in Jeddah that have prominent places along the Red Sea coastline.  This mosque, called Island Mosque, was finished in 1988 and is built on a very tiny island right off the coast.  Island Mosque was designed by Abdel Wahed Al Wakil, an Egyptian architect responsible for designing more than 15 mosques in Saudi Arabia and many others around the world. He is also credited with designing some of the kingdom's many palaces and mansions.  Formerly there were restrictions limiting the color of all mosques in Jeddah to being exclusively white.  However colors are now allowed, so Island Mosque was painted a neutral cream color with attractive peach trim, a lovely contrast to the blue green waters of the Red Sea.  

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Jane Hards Photography said...

That's a Mosque with a view and a half.

William Kendall said...

It certainly does stand out.