Thursday, November 5, 2015

SkyWatch: Jeddah Sculpture - Swords of God

This is called the Swords of God sculpture by Aref el Rayess, a Lebanese painter and sculptor.  He was self taught. Despite the name of this sculpture being the Swords of God, El Rayess preferred his interpretation of this piece of art as symbolizing the more peaceful and heavenly aspects of Islam, visualizing the light streaming between the open columns as swirling with love and respect. His original intention had been to make it of marble, but because of its immense size, he opted for steel framing clad in aluminum.  At a certain angle, the tall gracious columns actually spell out the name of Allah in Arabic calligraphy.   

Taken on a day when the sky was full of dust.  To learn more about this sculpture, please check out another post I did about it a few years ago, on a much clearer day.

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