Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yes, That's an Airplane in a Mall @ Kidzania!

Mall of Arabia in Jeddah is now home to the fairly new kid's interactive play place called Kidzania.  It's where children can pretend to work in a variety of real-life grown-up careers, like banking, grocer, pilot, hairstylist, and more.  When we lived in South Florida, we had a similar role-playing establishment that I took my son to a few times, and he loved it.  Kids have the chance to earn money for doing a job and they can also choose to spend their money on various activities or food.  
You can check out one mom's experience at Kidzania in Jeddah by CLICKING HERE.  Kidzania offers special packages for parties, school field trips, and other events.  For more information about Kidzania, CLICK HERE. 


William Kendall said...

Quite a big addition to the place!

Dina said...

That's a nice idea that I never heard about.
I would head straight for that plane!