Friday, September 1, 2017

Photographing the Photographer

This photo of me was taken at an art exhibit in Jeddah last year. I had been approached by a university student who was doing a project about Western women married to Saudis. I was one of several other women who agreed to participate.  She came over to my house and interviewed me and took photos, which she then compiled into a book.  The photo hanging on the wall is actually of me holding my passport, and the book I'm holding shows a photo of me taking photos in Jeddah.

City Daily Photo is an online community of photo bloggers that share images of life in their cities around the world.  The first of every month is Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers.  This month's theme is "Photographing the Photographer."

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Kate said...

So happy to hear the story of your life -- You sound like you keep yourself very busy.!

William Kendall said...

A wonderful shot!

Jack said...

Congratulations for being recognized in this project. And, congratulations also for having a rare image on theme day that does not include a camera.