Thursday, January 4, 2018

Abayas - Not Just Black Any More!

Me in my new abaya
Abaya fashion has really changed since I first arrived in Saudi Arabia back in 2007.  Back then, practically all that was available was in the color black and in heavier suffocating polyester fabrics, unless one could afford to pay through the nose for nicer more practical fabrics.  Nearly all abayas fastened up the center with snaps, which easily came apart when getting into or out of a vehicle or even just walking.  I would go from shop to shop asking for abayas made of cotton or thinner fabrics, looking for abayas with pockets or zippers - but what I wanted back then was non-existent. 

I'm happy to report that today, all that has changed.  It is such a pleasure to find all kinds of practical fabrics being used for abayas, all kinds of colors, styles, and embellishments, with zippers and ties, you name it. It's exciting to see women walking around in not just plain black.

I'd like to bring your attention to a post I just wrote on my other blog, Susie of Arabia, regarding a controversial news item related to wearing the abaya.  It's about a world champion chess player from Ukraine who basically refused to travel to Saudi Arabia, citing her aversion to the abaya as a reason to give up her two world chess championship titles.  CLICK HERE to read my two cents about the matter.


William Kendall said...

Progress is being made.

Dina said...

Wow, pretty! Yep, yours looks a lot more comfortable.
I wonder if that change will ever happen here.