Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Jeddah Caffe Concerto Restaurant

The beautiful British chain restaurant called Caffe Concerto opened in November 2017 at the Mall of Arabia.  The decor is elegant and classy, with an old rich European ambience. 

Besides being a restaurant, it is also a magnificent bakery with delectable sweets that will make your mouth water.  Eclairs, tarts, macaroons, and so many other goodies are offered that make the perfect treat to bring to any gathering. 

Adding to the establishment's old world charm is a gorgeous shiny black grand piano that is the centerpiece of the restaurant.  I was told that customers are allowed to play the piano if they know how. 

The teal blue and gold decor and rich dark wood seem to accentuate the crystal chandeliers and the beautiful landscape artwork adorning the walls.  When the restaurant first opened, the artwork was very art deco and featured shapely and scantily clad women (see below).  A few short months later I noticed that the artwork had been exchanged for the pretty landscapes, causing me to wonder if possibly the restaurant was asked to remove the risque paintings.  

I actually can't decide which artwork I prefer.  They both go with the restaurant decor extremely well, but I guess the landscapes go along with the classic European theme better.

There is also another branch in Riyadh at the Al Nakheel Mall and there are locations in Qatar and the UAE in addition to many locations in the UK. 

The menu of Caffe Concerto offers a nice variety of dishes.  On a recent outing we ordered the gourmet pizzas which were very good. 

This is me and my favorite guy enjoying a relaxing time at the beautiful setting of Caffe Concerto. 

On another visit below...


Ch4 said...

Oh wow! Your abaya is so pretty.

William Kendall said...

The treats look delicious, and the establishment certainly feels inviting!