Thursday, November 8, 2018

Skywatch: Jeddah Waterfront Sculpture

Timing is everything in photography. Beautiful skies like this one are rare in the city of Jeddah.  Closer to the Red Sea, the skies tend to be more beautiful.  But in the area where I live, frequently the skies are almost beige, full of dust and pollution, and clouds can be very elusive.  But when it rains, which is not often enough here at all, Jeddah's landscape is instantly framed in a whole new light and beauty.  And when the light of day is waning, adding elegant colors into the mix, the results can be magical.  

I am so excited to begin bringing you amazing photos taken by some of my friends here in Saudi Arabia.  My friend Abdullah Yahya took this post's magnificent photo at Jeddah's Waterfront at sunset a few days ago. This area of Jeddah has transformed dramatically over the past few years, with spectacular improvements stretching for miles along the coastline.  To the right in this photo is the Shahadat al-Tawhid sculpture, a creation of Spanish architect Julio Lafuente, who designed many of Jeddah's most popular public works of art.  It is made of granite and says in Arabic, "There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger." 

To see how this particular setting has changed from a few years ago, CLICK HERE.  

Many thanks to Abdullah for allowing me to share his beautiful photo with you today.  Stay tuned for more fantastic pics from around Saudi Arabia taken by Abdullah.  Follow him on Twitter @ayaa1977

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Lady Fi said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo!

William Kendall said...

Quite a striking shot!