Saturday, December 12, 2020


Tea is a huge part of Arab culture.  Guests are always offered tea or Arabic coffee (called gahwa), which is traditionally served in mini teacups.  

The dallah is easily identified by its long graceful exaggerated spout.  It has been around for centuries.  The serving of tea and gahwa is a deeply embedded tradition of Arabian culture, which shows their hospitality and generosity.  

Thanks to my friend and terrific photographer Abdullah Ali for allowing me to use the photos in today's post.  You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter  - @ayaa1977  



William Kendall said...

Quite intricate.

Tom said...


Marie Smith said...

What a gorgeous vessel. I would love a tea party with one of those beauties.

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Thanks for this post - I bought a teapot, a dallah, while in Egypt the last time and have never quite known what to call it or what it was to be used for! Great post!