Thursday, March 24, 2022


 A traditional Saudi breakfast is to be shared and savored. It consists of many small servings of a variety of food items such as breads, jams, eggs, olives, cheeses, veggie, fruits, dips, drinks, and sweets. This particular breakfast was shared between a friend and myself and there was plenty left over. 


Tom said...

...quite a spread.

Marie Smith said...

What a great idea. Something for everyone!

William Kendall said...

That's a big breakfast.

Anonymous in Colorado said...

Looks wonderful!

Maggid said...

I keep returning to this post. I believe THIS is a most excellent way to begin a day. I wonder how to begin a "break-fast" - like this for myself.

I am such a silly. i was having conversation with a friend. Her family comes for other traditions . . . and knows waaaay more about your world than i do. I have spent some time this morning trying to figure out where things are - which is in what country - what is the difference between Arabia and UAE . . . because my friend's parents had a stop over in Dubai . . in my imagination - you are somewhere close . . (well, yes and no - certainly closer to you than where i was standing when my conversation was taking place . . . ) So, now i know a little more . . . thank you . . . and, my friend's marvelous mother - is, maybe arriving here today - and i will see her tomorrow (yippeee!) AND, i can answer the questions about where you are and where my friends were . . . now, to figure out how to gift my days with teeny imitation of healthy breakfast meant for many.

YOU are a Gift . . Thank you.