Monday, January 27, 2014

Jeddah Art Week - Arnaldo Pomodoro

Cube IV - by Arnaldo Pomodoro (1926- ) 
Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro had a background in building restoration, stage design, and goldsmithing before he began his career in sculpting.  He also spent time teaching in California at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.  His art focuses on basic geometric shapes such as spheres, pyramids, columns, discs, and cubes.  CLICK HERE for a wonderful interview with Pomodoro regarding his work. 
Circular Mass - by Arnaldo Pomodoro (1926-)
Pomodoro's Cube IV, as well as another of his sculptures called Circular Mass (above), can be viewed at the new Open Air Sculpture Park in Jeddah's Middle Corniche, which is the site for the opening ceremony of Jeddah Art Week.  It will be held on Saturday, February 1st at 6pm, kicking off the first of many scheduled events.  The public is welcome at any of the events.   Hope to see you there! 

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RedPat said...

These I think I have to study a bit to decide whether I like them. What a park this is!