Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeddah: Modernizing with Sewers

A large portion of Jeddah is not on a main sewage system but instead many buildings and residences have septic tanks.  For a city of about 4 million residents, this results in hundreds of big tank trucks which haul off the sewage adding to the city's daily traffic congestion. 
The streets in the area of the city where I live are being torn up and fitted with sewage pipes.  While this is being done, the streets and traffic are a mess, as you can imagine, but in the long run, modernizing the city will be worth all the trouble. 


William Kendall said...

I can imagine the chaos with all that going on.

Unknown said...

Can't believe a city as big (and rich) as Jeddah didn't have sewers!
These Arabs, they're so confused..when I look at their architecture it complaints about it.

Unknown said...

It really gets messy..the city I live in has an old (almost crumbling) system build by the British. The current authorities can't even manage it. Recently one line was dug up, they went 10 ft deep and threw the traffic out of gear. The project was delayed due to monsoons (still their fault as they started late). Now a study says that the new (modern) system has a major design flaw..
What a pain..