Monday, November 12, 2018

Our World - Sloan's Sweets Shop in Jeddah

Sloan's Ice Cream is fairly new to Jeddah and already has several locations.  The atmosphere is fun and cheerful and sports a party room for special events.

From the black and white patterned floor to the playful pink lighted ceilings, this place is just beckoning families to come in and have some fun.

Sloan's offers more than just fabulous ice cream - they tempt young and old with all kinds of sweets, toys, and other goodies.  The Sloan's chain actually originated in South Florida, where my family lived prior to moving to Jeddah.

I adore the colorful chandeliers and the smiling Mona Lisa with her big ice cream cone.  This place just oozes happiness.  Don't you agree?

In addition to its many locations in the US, Sloan's has shops in Jeddah at Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall, and Aziz Mall, with a location opening soon in Riyadh.

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Kate said...

Yes, it is a colorful and cheerful place. Who doesn't love a sweet shop?! Thanks for pointing out the Mona Lisa!

William Kendall said...

The Mona Lisa is a nice touch. I've not heard of the chain before, so I imagine it doesn't have a presence in Canada, at least not yet.