Monday, March 9, 2020

Our World - La Cantine Al Ula

This is the entrance to the French Restaurant La Cantine in Al Ula.  Its unusual setting is amongst ancient sandstone rock formations. The floor is sand.  

High end outdoor furniture welcomes guests. There is mood lighting in the evenings that accents the rock walls and greenery brings life to the surroundings.

It's actually quite an intimate setting and the acoustics are phenomenal.  The lounge area is accented with bright red pillows where parties can relax for drinks or dessert after a meal.

The gourmet French menu offers salmon, beef, lamb, and a nice variety of other delectable dishes.  Our lunch was truly scrumptious.

Several restaurants set in the sandstone rocks are featured during the Winter at Tantora Festival, which ran from mid-December until the first weekend in March.  It is an amazing effort that I hope you will be able to experience one day.

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William Kendall said...

What a setting!

Zoe said...

Stunning! I live in the land of red rocks in the US. Is the kitchen outdoors?

Anonymous said...

So stunning! I live in red rock country in the US & have never seen something like this. Is the kitchen indoors or out?