Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A Visit to Jeddah's Birds and Animals Souk

Since my husband and I are still isolating as much as possible because of the virus, this past week's visit to the Bird & Animal Souk was quite a special outing for us.  Hubby wanted to get a couple of birds, and he took me along as I had never been there before and he knows I love to take photos of everything.

In the bird section, there were all kinds of birds, ranging from small pigeons to chicken and roosters to turkeys, and everything in between.  There were also rabbits and possibly other small animals in this section that I didn't see.  I was disappointed in my photos because the cages made it difficult to focus. 

This souk is really huge, several blocks long and several blocks wide, and it's way south in Jeddah. Our place is in north Jeddah, so it was a pretty long drive for us.  The next section we visited contained goats and sheep. The day we went was a few days before the holiday Eid al-Adha, so the souk was well stocked with goat and sheep. 

There were many varieties of these animals, some I had never seen before.  Right before the holiday, these animals are specifically imported for the feast. I explained about this feast in yesterday's post.

Another entire part of the souk held camels and cows. Here I thought we were just going to see birds, so I was quite pleasantly surprised that I got to see so many more animals. 

These signs are at the entrance to the Bird and Animal Souk.  You can find the location on Google Maps by typing in "Jeddah Birds and Poultry Market" or "Jeddah Cattle Market."

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Marie Smith said...

It is a well stocked market for sure. How interesting to shop for the live animal. There would be no question of where your food comes from...thank you for sharing.

William Kendall said...

The rabbits are cute.