Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City Daily Photo & Our World: Bakeries

Saudis love their sweets. There are many more bakeries and sweets shops here in Jeddah than I am used to seeing in the states. Whenever Saudis receive guests in their homes, the guests are always offered drinks and sweets.

Today is the first of the month and that means it's City Daily Photo's Theme Day. This month's theme is "Bakeries." City Daily Photo features photo blogs of cities all around the world. If you like to do armchair traveling, please check out the City Daily Photo blogs – you will see some amazing sights.
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Gaelyn said...

Sorry you've had so much trouble and hope this works out. I am So very happy with my WP site and glad I didn't have to learn the new blogger.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Gaelyn - It was a painful decision to make indeed. Especially with the new Blogger - I wish they hadn't changed anything because I liked it the way it was and was used to it. But I just couldn't take it anymore (not being able to post for days on end and trouble with comments, etc.) and there seemed to be no solution to my problems. Migrating 1100 old posts over will take a while too because I still have to deal with WP and it's so temperamental for me. I've also had problems visiting other blogs and leaving comments too. I hope this move will take away some of the stress it has caused me.

Photo Cache said...

sorry about your wp woes. i have a blogger and wp so i'm learning them both at the same time. i cannot begin to imagine the process of migrating all your posts to a different platform (?) but you'd be the best person to ask if and when the need arises.