Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jeddah: Beautiful Door Binzagr Gallery

Carved of wood with intricate detailing, this is another beautiful doorway of the Darat Safeya Binzagr Museum and Art Gallery of Jeddah. The building itself which houses the museum is a wonderful example of Middle Eastern architectural details.  On display at the museum are the Saudi female artist's paintings and her amazing collection of traditional clothing and accessories.

This gem of a private museum is tucked away in Jeddah off the beaten path, near Tahiliya and Madinah Roads.  For more information, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.  


Steffi said...

Very beautiful door!Great and creative work!

Judy said...

You don't see ornate doors around here very much. This is a real work of art.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woodwork!