Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our World: Jeddah's Abandoned Cars

One of my biggest pet peeves here in Jeddah are the unsightly abandoned and disabled vehicles that are parked all over the city.  They are covered in a thick layer of dust and many have flat tires or show evidence of accidents. 

It's depressing seeing these unattractive pieces of junk sitting on the streets of Jeddah.

These abandoned cars take up valuable parking spaces.  They need to be dealt with and removed!

I have tons more photos of abandoned vehicles around this city.  Why can't something be done about this problem?

Some empty lots are filled with dozens of abandoned cars that have been sitting there for years.  There are also dozens of abandoned cars taking up valuable parking spaces at the Jeddah airport too.

The rubble, the garbage, and the abandoned vehicles - such a lovely sight!  NOT!


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William Kendall said...

They wouldn't be there for long in these parts.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi William - I have complained about this problem many times and will continue to do so until something is done about it. It's depressing to see this every time I leave my house and I'm tired of feeling this way.

Copeland's said...

In the US the abandoned cars are parked in front yards, on cement blocks. Can lower the value of property for the whole neighborhood.

Susie of Arabia said...

Hi Copeland's - I have seen that myself especially in rural areas, but in the cities I would think that there are city ordinances against such things. It's unsightly and if I were a neighbor living nearby or wanting to sell my house, I would certainly be upset by it even more.