Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jet Ski on the Red Sea

Water sports are a favorite pasttime in Jeddah because of its location on the Red Sea.  Unfortunately water sports are mainly only enjoyed by males here.  The vast majority of Saudi women do not know how to swim because culturally they are discouraged from doing so. 


Anonymous said...

Great photo! I am always excited to open your photos when they arrive in my email. It's a shame Saudi women aren't encouraged to swim. The Prophet, Peace be Upon Him, told Muslims to teach their children to swim, ride a horse, learn how to use a bow and arrow, amongst other things. That included girls as well as boys. There were even women who took part in battles and rode horses as well as the men, during his time. Anyway, keep the photos coming!

William Kendall said...

Unfortunately one does not see that cultural shift happening anytime in the next millennium.