Friday, December 13, 2019

Jeddah Worldwide Chains and Brands

From France, L'Occitane, which sells fragrances and personal body care products, and Atelier Cologne, another fragrance distributor.

Debenham's is a British department store chain.

Dune is another British retailer dealing in footwear and accessories.

Cortefiel is a Spanish fashion retailer.

Swarovski crystal is well known around the world and is based in Austria.

Applebee's is a large American chain restaurant based out of California.

Women's clothing is offered by Germany company Steilmann, formerly a textile giant.

Tim Hortons restaurants specialize in coffee and doughnuts and is headquartered in Canada.


Janey and Co. said...

Some retailers seem to be global! Pretty mall.
Thanks to the visit and the comment. It is always nice to have a new visitor.
My first husband was with Armco and spent a lot of time in Saudi. They did move us from Texas to The Netherlands...but I never made it the the Middle East myself. Have a good friend whose sister is there married to a Saudi.
Come again!...Janey

William Kendall said...


In Saudi Arabia?

It might be un-Canadian of me to admit it, but I don't actually like Tim's.

They'll be coming for my passport and extracting the maple syrup out of my blood for saying that. :)