Friday, April 13, 2018

SkyWatch - Hanging out

Once women can drive here in Saudi Arabia in June 2018, I'm hoping that child safety might improve through the use of infant car seats and seat belts.  My thought is that if a young mother is driving her small children around, she will realize that the kids need to be safely buckled in.  As it is now, babies often sit on Mom's lap.  Actually I've even seen babies sitting on Dad's lap while he drives too...  Saudi women who have never driven before will be required to take driving classes and my hope is that child safety is one of the topics that will be incorporated into the classes.

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Lady Fi said...

Cute shot! But as you say, I hope safety improves.

Photo Cache said...

That kid is doing what we all wanted to do - hang our head out a moving vehicle like a dog :)

Worth a Thousand Words

William Kendall said...

Yes, that is quite unsafe.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wow... unthinkable to me to have kids riding around without seatbelts.

Kay L. Davies said...

Of course, as everyone said, it is unthinkable now, but I can remember (long, long ago) when I was small, my uncles would let me "steer the car" while sitting on their laps, but that was on a quiet country road.
We didn't have child-seats at all in those days, but I also don't remember cars going very fast. While there was something of an uproar for a while about making the seats, and adult seatbelts, mandatory, it wasn't long before everyone was buckling in before the car started moving.
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