Sunday, January 27, 2019

Al Ula - Shaden Resort Residential Tents

On my recent trip to Al Ula for the first ever Winter at Tantora Festival, we stayed at a residential tent resort called Shaden.  There are three such residential tent resorts in Al Ula now.  Al Ula's striking landscape is other worldly, consisting of interestingly shaped immense sandstone rock formations  nestled on soft sand dunes. These rocks provide the backdrop for every vantage point in Al Ula.  

Right outside my tent was this Saudi "majlis" Bedouin style seating set with a fire pit.  The residential tents offer all the comforts of home - in a tent!  The room interiors are nicely appointed, with comfy beds, TVs, a lovely bath with a hair dryer, and amenities like a coffee machine, fridge, iron and ironing board in each room, and even electrical outlets with USB ports on them.

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Other worldly is the perfect way to describe the Al Ula terrain Susie. How brilliant are the tents, this is my idea of camping, or should that be 'glamping' 😉

William Kendall said...

They really reinforce the size of the landscape, too.

Copeland's said...

this looks like' an adventure I'd love. Beautiful pictures - Thanks for posting

Susie of Arabia said...

Just so you all know, the Winter at Tantora Festival has been extended for another 2 weeks and tickets are available. Visas are easily obtainable online in 5 minutes, from what I have been told. This will be an annual event if you can't make it this year and are interested for future reference. Tourism is a brand new thing here in Saudi Arabia. You can be among the first to come by attending this really special event. The experience will knock your socks off!