Friday, January 18, 2019

Jeddah's King Fahd Fountain

Today's post features four photos of the world's tallest fountain, King Fahd's Fountain of Jeddah. Its spray reaches heights of over 300 meters, more than a third higher than the 2nd highest fountain in the world in St. Louis, Missouri. 

It is generally best viewed at the end of the day before sunset and is a spectacular sight that can be seen from many vantage points close to the Red Sea coastline during the evening because it is lit up.  It is a similar design to the fountain in St. Louis and another one in Geneva, Switzerland.

The base of the fountain is in the form of a large incense burner from which the forceful spray emanates.  It is only viewable from across the waters and is located on a peninsula which also houses a palace.

A big "Thanks" to my friend and amazing photographer Abdullah Yahya for allowing me to share these beautiful photos for today's post.  Stay tuned for more fantastic pics from around Saudi Arabia taken by Abdullah.  Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @ayaa1977

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William Kendall said...

That first shot really reinforces how big it is.