Sunday, June 3, 2012

Architectural Details: Balconies

Many buildings here in Jeddah have these tiny balconies that I doubt even a chair would fit on. So I assume that these tiny balconies are just for decoration, or for hanging out clothes or rugs to dry, which I've seen. Even the larger balconies that I've seen here are not really used by the residents to sit out on or to use for growing a collection of potted plants. I've actually seen many balconies boarded up here in Jeddah. Most of the year it's too hot to sit outside and potted plants outdoors require lots of attention in this heat. But more importantly, culturally speaking, people here just do not sit out in the open on balconies. The society is much too private, especially the women. I see men sitting around chatting outdoors in front of businesses, but never women.

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