Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bedouin Decor

Some Saudi families like to designate a room in their home as their "Bedouin Room." It's a living room that has been decorated in the traditional Bedouin style. Many times the seating consists of cushions on the floor. The seating in this photo has the cushions elevated off the floor, like a typical couch. The red and black geometric and striped patterns in the fabric are traditional Bedouin designs. The black curtain is also very typically Bedouin, reminiscent of the black tents the nomadic Bedouins used to live in in the desert. The black tents were made of dark brown or black goats' hair, hence the color. Other items that complete the Bedouin look are red patterned carpets for the floor, decorative tassels and sashes in a variety of bright colors, pillows, and dark wooden chiseled furniture with clunky rustic hardware. Many Saudi celebrations and special events will have this type of Bedouin decor in place. There are many businesses in Jeddah that rent out the tents, carpets, and cushions for such events.

If you are interested in reading more about The Black Tents of the Bedouins, I found this wonderful article in a 1966 edition of Aramco Magazine.

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